Do garter snakes have teeth ?

Garter snakes are however harmless to humans because of the very low amount of poison they produce, which is comparatively mild, and the fact that they lack an effective means of supplying it. They do have enlarged teeth behind their mouth, but their rubber is much larger.

Considering that most poisonous snakes have precursors or advanced tonsils of venom, the gut of garters is the following (behind the back) snake eyes.

The garters, for a long time, were thought to be non-toxic, but recent discoveries have shown that they do in fact produce a mild neurotoxic poison.

There are about 20 species of the most common and numerous snakes of North America to the genus of the garter snakes to the north, they reach Canada, in the south – Mexico, where the most diverse, and Central America. These are medium sized snakes, rarely reaching a length of 1 m.

For them, extreme variability in color and other external features is particularly characteristic. Usually, the garter snakes have from one to three yellow bands along the back and two rows of dark spots along the sides of the trunk. Often the main color of the upper side of the body is blue, olive, brown or beautiful cream color.