Do guinea pigs blink ?

Guinea pigs, like all animals, blink, thereby they moisturize the eyes. The fact is that it’s quite difficult to notice her blinking. If you look at the guinea pig, she can not blink for a long time, or you can skip the moment of blinking because she blinks almost imperceptibly.

Sleep guinea pigs only 4 hours a day, and like all animals, with their eyes closed. Marine these animals are called only in Russia and Germany. In South American countries, they are called geese, in Western Europe – Peruvian mumps, and in the UK – Indian.

The word “sea” in the name of these animals was adapted from the original “overseas”. Guinea pigs were brought from distant countries by sea on ships and were then outlandish animals.

Here they are, guinea pigs, mysterious animals, in the title of which there are some misconceptions.