Do guinea pigs smell ?

“Guinea pig stinks!” – this is the usual response of parents to a child who asks to get him this lovely fluffy animal. Yes, in nature every living being has its own smell, including a human being. The stink appears where the rules of hygiene and care are not respected, this statement is true for everyone. Marine guinea pigs are very clean and carefully care for fur.

Returning to whether the guinea pigs smell, you can definitely answer positively: yes, guinea pigs smell of hay. In such pets, the owners do not forget to clean the cage twice a week, periodically wash the animal and throw out feces and large food rests every day.

The kind of filler in the cage is very important: paper absorbs moisture, but does not smell, so do not use newspapers instead of litter. The correct filler is wood chips with chips. And sawdust should be fairly large, otherwise their small particles will irritate the respiratory tract of the mumps, or even cause choking.

The best litter on the bottom of the cage is a filler for cat litter based on pressed woodworking waste. It is very economical, environmentally friendly, and it must be changed every 4 days, or when the granules will crumble into small pieces.