Do hamsters hibernate ?

Yes, they do. In nature, animals that do not tolerate low temperatures often sleep in winter. It can be both bears and rodents. Since these animals in the wild experience a cold time in their sleep, the question arises whether hamsters sleep in the winter?

The instincts of survival are laid in them. Since they tolerate a low temperature, in this case sleep helps. At a time when the temperature of the environment drops to 10 degrees and below, the animal’s organism prepares for a long sleep.

You might think, at night, this temperature on the street happens not only in winter, but also in spring or autumn. They do not go to sleep every week? For this, burrows of hamsters reach a depth of two and a half meters. Earth over night does not have time to freeze, in the morning the temperature rises again.

Despite their small size, rodents are very smart. In the wild, hamsters sleep in winter. At this time, all the processes of the body are slowed, breathing is weak, and the body is cold. In this state, you might think that a hamster is dead. But it is given out by him that from time to time he nevertheless makes breaths and exhalations. This position of deep sleep is called hibernation.