Do hamsters smell ?

The most common opinion about rodents, including hamsters, is that they smell bad, i.e. simply stink. If someone suddenly mentions a hamster, a rat or a guinea pig, then a person who is not familiar with these animals immediately disgusts with his mouth: “How can you love and keep at home such animals, they stink!” And dissuade him in this oh, as not simply. you will treat the pet not for colds, but for other, more serious diseases of the ears and eyes.

But we hasten to assure you that it is just a myth, nothing more. In fact, a hamster is an animal of a cleanliness and with fanaticism follows the purity of its coat, giving it even more time than cats.

But despite this hamster can really smell bad, only this state is not peculiar to him at all.

If the hamster lives in sawdust, it is recommended to change them for cleanliness no less than every 2 to 4 days, if it is woody filler, then every 5 to 8 days, if corn – every 7 to 10 days. That is, with the correct selection of the filler, which is regularly changed by the owner, it is quite possible to get rid of the bad odor from the cell.