Do hedgehogs have quills ?

Yes, of course, hedgehogs have quills. In the forest, in the grove, in the park, in the garden you can meet a regular hedgehog. He runs without hiding, rustling with leaves, snorting loudly, and when he eats – smacks. Feeling the danger, he folds a ball. Special muscles on the back help this. The hedgehog hides an unprotected muzzle and puts out needles.

Needles – this is a prickly shell, which protects the animal from danger. An adult hedgehog can have up to 16,000 needles 2-3 cm long, about 1 mm thick. Needles have the shape of a spindle: the thickest part in the middle.

Their color is gray, but if you look closely, you can see that they alternate with dark and light stripes. The hedgehog is born naked, not prickly. But after a few hours they are covered with white and dark needles. Two weeks later, the kids open their eyes.

By this time, the needles are already solid, like an adult hedgehog. He can already ruffle them. Special behavior for the sake of its protection is characteristic of many animals. The cat hisses, arching his back up. The bee stings. Hedgehog hides under the spiny shell.