Do hippos eat humans ?

Hippos usually don’t eat humans. They are herbivores animal and don’t like meat. But they can harm humans.

Hippo has a second name – Hippopotamus, which means “river horse”. These animals are mammalian herbivores and are among the most dangerous mammals in Africa. And although hippos are considered land animals, they can not survive without ponds.

Under the influence of the scorching sun, the skin of a hippopotamus is endangered by dehydration and burns, so it seeks salvation underwater. He can be there in one breath for about 20 minutes. And during the day they are in the water up to 18 hours.

Hippos often coexist with crocodiles, although such an affinity does not suit anyone, but we have to share a pond. Hippopotamus can repel an attack of lions and crocodiles.

They have almost no enemies, and they die, most often, by the hand of a person