Do kangaroos eat meat ?

No, kangaroos are herbivores animals. Eat kangaroos are mostly vegetable food. Their diet includes a variety of plant species, they well eat grass, alfalfa and clover, flowering legumes, acacia and eucalyptus leaves, ferns, tubers and plant roots, berries and fruits. Some types of kangaroos can eat insects and worms.

In dry areas, the porcupine grass grows, with sharp and stiff leaves, in the form of shrubs that stretch for hundreds of kilometers, and the kangaroos gladly eat it. Until now, it is not entirely clear why they prefer one plant to another, maybe it’s all about the availability of sugars in them.

Males feed on average one hour longer than females, perhaps this is due to the fact that females prefer to feed on more abundant pastures, eating more protein foods, to improve the quality of milk produced by them.

Females bring one calf once a year, while the pregnancy lasts only a month. After delivery the baby crawls into the mother’s bag and feeds on fatty milk there. When kangaroos become too much, they begin to damage the farming by eating crops. There are special farms where kangaroos are bred, they make canned goods that are in demand in the domestic market, and also go for export. Now you know that you eat kangaroos.