Do lions eat hyenas ?

In places where the habitat of lions and spotted hyenas coincide, there is direct competition between them. Often, the diet of these two species is the same. Usually, lions ignore hyenas, if they behave non-aggressively. Sometimes hyenas eat food with lions. But lions and hyenas can also be aggressive towards each other and in the absence of prey. Lions can attack hyenas for no apparent reason. In captivity, hyenas that have never seen lions can indifferently treat them, but nevertheless react with fear to their last.

Where the habitat of lions and other large cats – cheetahs and leopards – is the same, there are also clashes. 90% of the deaths of baby cheetahs occur because of the attack of lions. They also quite often take the catch of cheetahs.

Therefore cheetahs try not to compete with lions in the hunt and hide their cubs under low bushes. In turn, leopards hide their prey and kittens on trees, although this tactic does not always work, as lionesses often successfully climb trees. On hyenoid dogs, lions often lead hunting, attacking even adult individuals.

The only predator that poses a threat to the lion is the crocodile. If a fight occurs, these two types can cause significant damage to each other. Lions attack crocodiles when they are selected to land, and crocodiles attack lions when they enter the water.