Do lions live in the jungle ?

The lion is popularly known as the “King of the Jungle”, he does not live in the jungle. Lions is not found in the rainforests and even in the desert. They live mainly in areas with high density of small rodents and animals. One of the possible reasons for the absence of lions in the jungle may be the presence of other large cats, such as tigers and leopards.

Many admire the grandeur and grace of Asian and African lions. But few people think that destruction, their natural habitat, contributes to their extinction. There, where once, they wandered freely they no longer meet. The habitats of these powerful animals were the Mountains of India and the countries of Africa south of the Sahara.

Lions – a symbol of greatness and, perhaps, he is the second largest cat in the world, after the tiger. A ferocious roar, supernatural power and an attractive mane make them revered “kings” in the animal kingdom.

Today, lions are extremely popular in animated films, they are fondly loved by children around the world. Unfortunately, although the popularity of lions is growing, but their numbers are actually declining. Today, their number and range of habitats have decreased significantly.