Do lizards lay eggs ?

Yes, lizards lay eggs. Many species lay eggs in the mating season, some of them, for example, birds take care of their offspring before their full maturation, others leave their cubs to the mercy of fate, for example, snakes. How do lizards act with their future offspring?

In fact, lizard eggs are very different from eggs of other species. In the clutch of different species of lizards can contain from 8 to 50 eggs, the size of eggs also varies from 4 to 300 grams. The largest eggs lay Komodo lizards.

Lizards after laying eggs do not care about their offspring. The thing is that small lizards are born completely formed, independent and ready for adulthood.

Depending on the species of lizards, sexual maturation in young individuals can reach a month later – 4.5 years. For example, iguanas reach puberty only by two years of life, but, nevertheless, do not care about their offspring, giving the kids to themselves.

Typically, lizard eggs have a relatively small incubation period and, depending on the species, the offspring appears within a few hours or days. Large lizards, such as lizards, iguanas and some other species, have large eggs with a long incubation period, so to protect their offspring from predators and warm eggs, they dig them into the required depth in the sand.

Lizards are real experts in determining the temperature and this is really necessary, because if the eggs are too cold or hot, the embryos in them will not start to develop and eventually die.