Do male kangaroos have pouches ?

Only the female kangaroos have pouches, the male kangaroos  don’t have it. There are four nipples, one of which is attached to the baby. A kangaroo mom can produce four kinds of milk, depending on the age of the kangaroo. Each type of milk is produced in its nipple. In addition, she can have two kinds of milk at the same time, if the baby has an older brother or sister.

In a bag of kengurenok is about six to nine months. And the mother keeps an eye on him: she can cut muscles at the entrance to the bag so that the baby can not get out before the time or when “outside the house” he is in danger.

But even when the kangaroo comes out “in people”, he still for a long time climbs into his mother’s pocket, looking for warmth and protection.

The smallest of the giant kangaroos are mountain, or Vallara. They are more massive, and their legs are shorter than their relatives. The world learned about them only in 1832, because these kangaroos are loved in secluded mountain areas, and their number is small.

These kangaroos have the most harmful character, they are very poorly tamed, and even the tame ones remain terrible fighters.