Do mice eat meat ?

Yes, they can eat meat. The mice menu is very diverse. It eats plant seeds, various fruits, berries and insects, for example, moths, caterpillars, grasshoppers or beetles. The choice of food depends on the time of the year.

Early in the spring, the mice  eagerly eats young buds of trees and shrubs or fresh sprouts. It is believed that the main part of its food is the seeds of herbs and cereals, but the damage, the mice is harvesting, is compensated to a certain extent by the destruction of various pests, for example, the background. Honey dew, which these insects distinguish, is the favorite delicacy of a mice.

Mice also eat floral nectar. To get to the grains hidden in the ears, the animals climb up the stems of grasses or cereals. In this case, the mice  uses its long tail, which wraps around the stems and so preserves the balance on the plant that rocks. These mice are often kept at home. They are tiny and can live in small terrariums.

On a meadow overgrown with high grass, near a pond or river, where a high reed grows, whose stems are no more than 7 mm thick, on the edge where blackberries ripen in thickets or in a roadside ditch overgrown with thick bushes – in all these places it’s easy to see a cute little baby mice. Less commonly, you can find a nest of a baby mice  suspended from the grass stems at a height of 30-60 cm from the ground.