Do mice hibernate ?

No, they not hibernate. Mice perfectly winter in the attic and basement, spoiling food and everything that is tasted. At us mice perfectly live in cavities under gipsokartonnom with which cuts on windows are finished.

Running along the entire length inside the ceiling slabs, they descend into the hole under the wire for the chandelier and from it dexterously jump into the room. At one such moment, you will not believe, the mouse jumped from the chandelier and fell into a bucket of water when the wife was washing the floors in the kitchen. How many screams, I think, you can guess.

Mousetraps of various designs and cats are getting help. Who would have thought, thoroughbred, intelligent and neat kitty was an excellent hunter! On her account (for this winter) seven mice.

In their mass, mice-vole occupy exclusively sowing lands, causing a huge damage to the crop, because The voles are fed mainly by green shoots.

However, green shoots of plants are a low-calorie fodder for voles, so in order to be satisfied, it must eat a lot of such food. Usually its mass roughly corresponds to the mass of its body. So you can not refuse voles in activity.