Do mice like cheese ?

The common opinion that mice are not indifferent to cheese, decided to check in 2006 researchers from Manchester University (UK). As a result of the experiments, they were convinced that the mouse ration consists of plant food, primarily from cereals and fruits (both are rich in sugars), and that the mice shave their nose off products with a pungent smell like cheeses.

An expert in animal behavior, Dr. David Holmes of the said university, said: “It is quite clear that the statement that mice like cheese is wrong. Most of the evolution of the mouse did not know the cheese.

In the natural environment of their habitat, it does not occur, so they do not react to it. ” Conclusions of scientists have intrigued the employees of the British sanitary organization Pest Control UK.

Having received the next order for breeding mice, they put in the building at the customer three mousetraps 15 cm apart – with pieces of apple, chocolate and cheese, changing the location of baits daily. For a month and a half, not a single mouse was flattered by the apple, only one chip on the chocolate, and 22 on the cheese. It only remains to guess whose experiment was purer.