Do pandas hibernate ?

Pandas aren’t hibernate in winter. In winter, a panda can sometimes fall into a half asleep, but most often behaves, as in other seasons. Sometimes, if you are lucky this wonderful animal can be seen in the zoo, but this rarely happens because it is not so easy to buy a panda animal.

Bamboo forests, their thickets in China, the lands of the islands of Kalimantan and Indonesia attract pandas because these are the places suitable for hermits and in such places there are no problems with food.

Panda is considered painfully lazy bear. Lazy even to the point that she is too lazy to multiply. From this, their fertility declines, and the population accordingly decreases. Chinese animal lovers are trying to solve this issue in order to establish the reproduction of pandas in captivity and this they have recently been doing a little bit.

These animals prefer solitude. In the wild, very rare pandas are found in pairs. Only during the mating season they are mowed to prolong their kind.

But often there are cases that the male panda simply does not find his female because bamboo forests are cut down, and the marriage period lasts only three days. The result is lamentable – pandas get smaller every year.