Do people eat bear ?

Unfortunately yes, some people like bear meat. Among the various types of meat that are available to modern lovers of this product, there are real delicacies. This is the category of bear meat. Unfortunately, it is so rare today that not every gourmet knows for sure whether it is possible to eat a bear cub and if so, how to do it properly to get pleasure from a prepared dish

Meanwhile, experts say that bear meat is not only delicious, but also extremely useful. The matter is that the clubfoot is an omnivorous animal and uses a large amount of plant food. In this case, the body of the bear on the threshold of winter slumber glows incoming nutrients into it.

In this regard, its meat does not just contain almost all known vitamins and other useful substances that are not found in the more common kinds of meat: lamb, pork and beef. The main advantage of the bear cub is the high concentration of nutrients.

True, this property is manifested in the autumn period, whereas in the spring the bear’s meat, on the contrary, turns out to be poorly nutritious elements.