Do pigs eat humans ?

Pigs can eat mean, that means they can eat humans, but they don’t.  The variety of pigs is relatively small, which is explained by their narrow application. Until recently, these animals were bred only for slaughter. Pork in its organoleptic properties is not similar to any other kind of meat products.

It successfully combines the pronounced fibrous structure of meat and unsurpassed juiciness, due to the high content of fat. At the same time, pork fat freezes at a lower temperature than beef or sheep fat, which allows the pork dishes to preserve their appetizing appearance for a long time.

Both meat and pork fat have a pleasant smell in roast and smoked, so these products are indispensable in the production of sausages and ham. At the same time, the inverted internal fat is practically odorless, so it is used in baking, including such delicious dishes as Christmas pudding.

In addition to meat and fat, practically all parts of the pig carcass are found in cooking: the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, intestines, tongue, brain, ears, tails and hooves. Skin with a thin layer of fat is used for roasting (cracklings), and the dressed goes to the production of saddles, harness, bags and shoes. For tailoring, it is used less often, because it is thicker and heavier than morocco and sheepskin. From the stiff bristles make paint brushes.