Do raccoons eat cats ?

Raccoons are wild animals and behave accordingly. Incidents with cats are not so frequent, but your pet and raccoon may well conflict. Usually this happens for several reasons. If a raccoon feels danger, it will defend itself by attacking. Also, raccoons like cat food, and if they get used to eating from a cat’s bowl, the fight is inevitable.

By nature cats are secretive animals, they do not pay too much attention to raccoons. That is why attacks of raccoons on cats are almost never met. But if you are not careful and leave food for a cat for the night, especially outdoors, the raccoons will visit your home.

This bad habit will help you easily answer the question whether raccoons are dangerous and whether you are putting your pet at risk. You should understand that if the fight is still unfolding between your cat and the raccoon, then you should not expect a happy ending for your pet.

Raccoons can easily kill a representative of the cat’s world, and at best – cause serious injuries. As a preventive measure, protect your house from “invasion” of raccoons and keep your cat and his food in the house at night.