Do raccoons eat chickens ?

Raccoons are omnivorous, they eat absolutely everything, including chicken. Eggs are an especially attractive dish for these animals, so they can enter your home in search of a treat. If you keep hens in the yard of the house, then cages or pens with birds can be attacked by raccoons that are likely to kill hens in order to get food.

It is vital to protect your territory if you keep chickens. At night, close the cells or sheds with chicken. But remember that raccoons – very resourceful animals with clever fingers, for them to open the lock, latch or hook is quite simple. For this reason, you should use latches or locks that raccoons can not open.

In the afternoon, the space where the hens are walking should be protected from the raccoons by a fence. Raccoons are nocturnal animals, but they can climb into your house during the day, so your hens are at risk of attack all day long.

Since raccoons excellently climb, the electric fence becomes the best solution for daring these cunning animals from your house and easy profit in the form of chickens.