Do raccoons have rabies ?

Raccoons, like some other wild animals – foxes, skunks, bats – are the main carriers of rabies. Despite the fact that the infection is rare, raccoons are potentially dangerous animals for you and your pets.

The disease spreads through the bites and scratches of raccoons. If you have a “battle” with the raccoon, you need to urgently go to a medical institution for help. Even after a while, treatment is considered effective, but costly and very painful.

Not all raccoons suffer from rabies. The 2013 poll found that only 32% of raccoons are carriers of the disease. The percentage ratio is quite large, which requires special attention. Close contact with raccoons, for example, feeding them from the hand, can be dangerous, since the raccoon is able to bite.

Another significant danger is waste of raccoons. Urine and feces of these animals are carriers of diseases such as leptospirosis and ascariasis. Diseases can become fatal to your pets and cause serious health problems in our smaller brothers. Note that your pet is quite easy to get in touch with the contaminated waste raccoons.