Do sea lions eat penguins ?

Yes, they can eat penguins. Many people mistakenly believe that the sea lion animal is a northern inhabitant. Today we will tell you where and how the sea lion lives. Among the marine inhabitants there is one, with an unusual name for aquatic animals – the sea lion. Is this animal like a lion?

Judging by the appearance, it does not seem at all, well, except that there is one small detail … And besides, they concern absolutely to another detachment (pinnipeds) and family (eared seals). On our planet there are only 5 species of these animals: southern, northern, Californian, New Zealand and Australian sea lion.

Sea ‚Äč‚Äčlions live in colonies (herds). However, it is worth noting a not too numerous population in one herd. Yes, and located in the selected territory, they are not too hefty, like, for example, fur seals.

Sea lions quite often swim in an open ocean. There they get their own food and can spend several days in the water. Basically, the sea lion is a sedentary animal, although there are some semblances of roaming. Animals can travel up to 25 kilometers from the coast. Communication between individuals is carried out through a variety of sounds, remotely similar to a growl, but softer.