Do sharks eat dolphins ?

It has long been known that sharks prefer to avoid the dolphin society. They swim away, barely seeing the flock of bottlenose dolphins and the white-bellied ones, and try not to encounter the killer whales. In this case, half-decomposed corpses of dolphins were repeatedly found in the stomachs of the caught sharks.

Sharks, as a rule, are cautious and circumspect creatures. Perhaps, it is thanks to these qualities that their evolution continues for millions of years, providing them with a place at the top of the food chain.

However sharks are lone predators. Very rarely they gather in small groups, and even then, only in the mating season, then to immediately leave. The dolphins, unlike their secluded neighbors, travel around the ocean in close-knit groups, closely supporting family ties. They care for old or weak individuals and, most importantly, they hunt and defend together.

This does not mean that, after seeing a predatoryly open mouth in the distance, the dolphins immediately rush to kill the rival. On the contrary, sharks are usually the initiators of attacks.