Do sharks eat people ?

Sharks do not eat people, because they are too poor in fat and rich in bone tissue. Attacks are due to the fact that predators have poor eyesight and they confuse people with fur seals. In addition, young sharks risk serious damage to the jaws, using a “bony” lunch, so they prefer to abandon it.

Since ancient times, we have heard various information about cruel marine predators attacking swimmers and sailors. The evidence of an ancient Greek author who lived long before our era, about how a shark bitten off a diver’s legs after sponges, is preserved.

Nowadays, it is possible to collect data on attacks of sharks in different parts of the Earth and to filter out facts from fictions. For more than 50 years, a special international organization ISAF has been operating, carefully studying all such cases.

But even today, despite all the statistics collected, the attack of sharks on humans is not fully revealed by the phenomenon of nature. Some experts believe that sharks never eat people.