Do snails lay eggs ?

Yes, snails lay eggs. Sometimes laying eggs with a cochlea is stretched for 2 to 3 days: the mollusk can scatter eggs on the surface of the ground or lay them in separate places (small piles at different depths). But, as a rule, the eggs of one masonry lie in one place at the bottom of the terrarium.

I managed to successfully carry the masonry as a whole, and partly in another terrarium. True, the percentage

the yield of the young in the case of transfer of eggs to the terrarium, where there are no other snails, was smaller than where the parents lived. The main thing in this case is to create conditions in the new terrarium that are as much as possible similar to the previous ones.

Almost all kinds of snails, which I kept, the yield of juveniles from eggs is 70-100%. With regard to the survival rate of juvenile achatina of all species , it can be 100%.

Eggs die if you fail to notice the masonry in time and give it proper attention: do not allow the accumulation of liquid on the bottom of the terrarium or, conversely, the drying of the soil. The death of eggs often occurs in those lovers who contain many snails and serve a large number of terrariums.