Do snakes eat frogs ?

Yes, snakes eat frogs. All snakes are predators, among them there is not a single species of vegetarian food. The menu of snakes is very diverse, they eat almost anything that can be found in wildlife, and in this they greatly exceed amphibians.

Snakes hunt for a variety of mammals (the size of a tiny shrew to antelope), birds, other reptiles, amphibians and insects. They willingly eat eggs from birds’ clutches and their fellow reptiles. Species that lead a water and near-water way of life, engage in fishing, and catch other aquatic animals.

Snakes specializing in shellfish feeding are also known. They are fat and snake-dwelling in America and Asia. They feed on practically slugs and snails. The latter they extract from the shells virtuously: insert the lower jaw into the shell and engage with the long curved teeth of the “leg” of the cochlea, and then, alternately working with the movably connected halves of the lower jaw, push the body of the mollusk directly into its mouth.

Ants eat many blindfolds-small snakes living in the soil. They catch earth ants, caught in the passages and cracks in the soil. One ordinary slepozmeyake can eat 200 ants per day, while it prefers the ants of certain species or their larvae. It gives off a specific smell, thanks to which ants do not touch it even in an anthill.