Do snakes have ears ?

The snake does not have ears on the surface of the head, so it does not hear the sounds coming through the air. But the snake is very sensitive to vibrations and its other senses are very well developed.

Most snakes have very good eyesight, their eyes are always open because of the absence of moving eyelids. Snakes react more to moving objects than to color or shape. They are good at distinguishing smells, can distinguish the enemy from the victim by the published odors.

The snake has an amazing ability associated with taste and olfactory functions, which the person does not have. With the help of its long and forked tongue, the snake extracts particles of chemicals from the earth, air, objects and living organisms.

The extracted substances are deposited in holes in the corners of the mouth containing highly sensitive nerve cells. Thus, the snake is oriented in the medium and in space, finds food, goes away from danger. Her abilities can be compared to the abilities of a well-trained dog.