Do snakes have eyelids ?

Yes, snakes have¬†eyelids, but the serpent’s eyelid is transparent and covers the eyeball as a film. Therefore, snakes never blink. There is a cobra, in which the holes are not at the tips of the teeth, but on their front surface. Such a snake does not bite the victim, but “spits” with poison.

It is capable of attacking even large buffalo. Cobra tries to get a stream of deadly liquid into the victim’s eyes. The poison causes blindness, and after a while death may well come.

If you remove the poisonous teeth of the snake, the reptile will be “safe” for a short time. Very soon the teeth grow again.

Cobra (Naja), the genus of snakes of the family of aspids. In an irritated state, most species of cobras raise the anterior third of the body vertically and expand the neck in the form of a disk, pushing the first 8 pairs of ribs to the sides. In the anterior part of the upper jaw are large, venomous teeth, and at the back, at a distance, there are usually 1-3 small teeth.

It lives among stones and bushes, in the construction of termites and burrows of rodents, sometimes in abandoned buildings. Swims well. Can climb the trees.