Do snakes have teeth ?

Yes, snakes have teethes. The teeth of snakes are well developed and serve to bite, catch prey and push it into the esophagus, but not for chewing or ripping the prey, as the victim is swallowed whole. Therefore, all teeth are comparatively thin sharp and bent back.

They are located on the upper and lower jaws, and many snakes also on the palatine. In addition to the usual solid teeth, snakes of some families have grooved or tubular teeth, which serve to inject poison into the body of the victim. The lateral teeth located in the back of the upper jaw are characteristic of poisonous snake-like snakes.

Sea snakes have short fixed tubular teeth in the front part of the mouth, and vipers and pits have long and movable tubular teeth fixed on a very short maxillary bone that can rotate. In this case, the cannabis fangs, with the mouth closed, lie along the jaw, with the point back, when the mouth opens, they become perpendicular, taking the “combat” position.

At first glance, it seems that snakes can be easily distinguished in appearance from all other reptiles. Indeed, they have a long, legless body, clad in scales, their eyes are always covered with a transparent leathery shell, they do not have an external ear. However, all these features of the structure can also occur in various lizards.