Do squirrels eat bird eggs ?

Squirrels can eat bird eggs, they can even eat chicks. Proteins can also grind animal bones and horns that are dropped by some forest ungulates, for example moose. Thus, the proteins confirm their biological characteristics of the omnivore. Include in their diet proteins and various insects, their larvae pupae.

The composition of the diet and the amount of food eaten by the squirrel undergo significant changes in accordance with the season, territory and crop. Sometimes squirrels store mushrooms and nuts for the winter.

At the same time, they hide mushrooms in trees, and the nuts on the contrary, dig in the ground and leaves. Find your protein stocks can even under a meter snow cover, thanks to its exceptionally developed sense of smell. But sometimes for various reasons the reserves remain untouched.

And then nuts from the squirrel pantry grow, giving rise to new trees that will eventually provide food to other generations of squirrels. Poor harvest cones of coniferous trees are forcing the squirrel to migrate closer to the autumn woodland adjacent to the forest.