Do squirrels eat birds ?

Usually no, but they can harm baby birds. Unlike hares or deer, proteins are not able to absorb fiber, and therefore mostly eat vegetation rich in proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

The hardest time for protein is the early spring, when the buried seeds begin to germinate and can no longer serve as food, and the new ones have not yet ripened. During this period, the proteins feed on the buds of trees.

Despite the widely held opinion, proteins are omnivorous: in addition to nuts, seeds, fruits, mushrooms and green vegetation, they also eat insects, eggs and even small birds, mammals and frogs. Very often, this food replaces the nuts with proteins in tropical countries.

Protein can be found on the territory of Africa, Asia, Europe and America. Their life span ranges from two to eight years. They belong to the omnivorous animals, as their diet consists of insect larvae, tree buds, plant bulbs, frogs, cones, nuts and small birds. The adult weight does not exceed 2 kilograms, and the height – from 5 to 36 inches.