Do squirrels eat meat ?

Squirrels are not able to metabolize fiber, and therefore feed on vegetation rich in squirrels, carbohydrates and fats. In early spring, when the buried seeds begin to germinate and can no longer serve as food, and the new ones are not yet ripe, the squirrels feed on the buds of trees, in particular the silver maple.

Despite the widely held opinion, squirrels are omnivorous: in addition to nuts, seeds, fruits, mushrooms and green vegetation, they also eat insects, eggs and even small birds, mammals and frogs. Very often, this food replaces the nuts with squirrels in tropical countries.

Squirrels have always lived exclusively in the forest, but they also happily move to large parks where fir, larch, fir-tree, and pine grow. It feeds on almost any vegetable food. First of all, squirrels of any kinds are loved by the squirrel – cedar (we do not grow, though), pine and fir cones also go to “hurray”, squirrels will never give up chestnuts and acorns. When berries appear, they eat with pleasure, they eat mushrooms.

It is believed that these animals are exclusively “vegetarians”, but I myself saw how the squirrel kept in the teeth and ate … a small frog! Friends said that they watched the squirrel hunt for the lizard, and this hunt ended for the lizard sadly: the squirrel grabbed her and dragged her to a tree. The thing is that the early spring period is very heavy for squirrel in terms of fattening.