Do squirrels eat mice ?

No, squirrels don’t eat mice. Protein can be called omnivorous rodents. At the same time, the basis of their diet consists of various seeds, nuts, kidneys of some trees and acorns.

But besides this, squirrels eat with pleasure berries, young shoots of trees, insects, eggs of different animals and even small amphibians and reptiles.

The diet of a home protein depends on its age and season. In general, slightly more than half of it should consist of nuts and seeds. Usually, cedar, walnuts and hazelnuts are used, along with the seeds of pumpkin and sunflower. The rest of the food is made up of vegetables and fruits. It is recommended to give carrots, apples and pears to proteins.

In addition, animals must always have clean water.

Do not forget that the proteins are rodents, and they constantly grow incisors, which they need to grind off. That’s why they just need rough food in the form of various twigs, cones and uncleaned nuts.