Do squirrels eat tomatoes ?

Squirrels do not eat tomatoes, they quench thirst. If they put water, then they do not touch the tomatoes. Squirrels – animals are strikingly industrious in terms of stocks for the winter. During the warm season, the squirrels are engaged in blanks, just as the mistresses begin to cook jam and roll compotes closer to autumn.

Squirrels store mushrooms, berries and nuts with kilograms.

Given the weight of the animal, this is a very large number, so to speak, “with a hike.” Nuts are either buried or folded in a nest (or in a hollow – depending on where the squirrel lives), and mushrooms and berries are pre-waxed – they are either threaded on a branch or simply laid out in a shade for drying-waxing.

What is interesting – among the mushrooms and nuts, which lays squirrel for the winter, there is neither wormy, nor spoiled, nor rotten.

True, such selectivity is distinguished only by experienced squirrel, but the squirrel youths still do not know how to properly distinguish rotten walnut from the whole, the wormy mushroom from pure, and sometimes mistakes.