Do turtles hibernate ?

In nature, when it gets too hot or too cold, turtles fall into summer or, respectively, winter hibernation. The turtle digs a burrow in the ground, where it crawls and sleeps until the temperature changes. In nature, hibernation lasts approximately 4-6 months at least from December to March.

The turtle begins to prepare for hibernation, when in its habitats the temperature is kept for a long time below 17-18 C, and when it exceeds these values ​​for a long time – it is time for a turtle to wake up.

At home, it is very difficult to hibernate properly, so that the turtle out of it came out healthy and went out at all, so if you are new to terrarium, we recommend that you do not winter the turtles. Definitely do not zimut sick animals and recently brought from somewhere.

Pros of wintering: it helps to maintain normal activity of the thyroid gland and thereby increase the life expectancy of the turtle; it synchronizes the sexual activity of males and the follicular growth of females; it prevents excessive growth and helps maintain a normal hormonal status. In hibernation, you can mend both land and freshwater turtles.