Dragonflies – information

There are 5000 kinds of dragonflies in the world. These are the largest flying insects. All of them divide into heteropterans and equinoxes. Discounted dragonflies larger than the equinoctylus, and moreover, and fly better.

The body of an insect consists of a head, a chest and a long abdomen, at the end of which a pair of tongs. Body length 3 – 12 cm. Color is various: white and green, yellow and red, blue and orange. Elegant transparent wings are her decoration. There are many transverse and longitudinal veins on the wings, bearing a strengthening function. A dark spot on the wing protects flyback from vibration in flight.

Agile flyers develop colossal speed, some species can overcome distances, developing a speed of 100 km / h. Basically, the speed of the flight “jump” is 5 km / h. Overcome hundreds of kilometers without a break, skillfully can hang in the air, suddenly stopping. When she sits down on a branch or any firmament, she does not fold her wings, they are always in a straightened state.

Each individual has three pairs of legs, covered with shin. In flight, they fold the limbs in a basket – so it’s more convenient to grab the prey. Their mouthpiece is a gnawing type. Lower lip – harpoon, shoots and grabs prey. Big eyes help track down prey, and can see something edible at a distance of 10 meters. The structure of the eyes is complex – the facet.

All dragonflies are predators. They feed mainly on mosquitoes, flies, moths and other insects, which are pursued with great speed. Inhabitants of dragonflies live in Europe, Asia, America, Australia, Africa. They can be found in meadows, fringes, fields, but there must always be a pond nearby. They lead a solitary life. Enemies – many birds, spiders.