Ducks – information

Ducks are medium to small sized birds with a relatively short neck and a neck, covered with transverse flaps from the front. The color of the plumage is diverse, many species on the wing have a special “mirror”. A number of species are characterized by a pronounced sexual dimorphism during reproduction, which is most often manifested in the different coloration of plumage of male and female. In most species molting occurs twice a year; Summer – full, autumn – partial.

Domestic ducks descended from mallard. Drains (males) of domestic ducks weigh 3-4 kg, ducks – 2-3.5 kg. The average annual egg production is up to 250 eggs. Breeds of domestic ducks are divided into meat (Peking, gray Ukrainian, black white-chested), meat-egg (mirror, khaki-kempbell), egg (Indian runners). Ducks are bred in many countries, including Russia.

Ducks include dumplings, diving ducks (diving), ducks, river ducks, ducks, steamers, musk ducks and crumbs; More than 110 species. Ducks are widespread and there are more than 30 species

When breeding various breeds of ducks, the work was carried out in the following areas: increase in live weight, early maturity, egg production. As a result, meat, egg-ducks and ducks of general-purpose use were obtained.

Birds of the meat direction are characterized by a large live weight and high precocity. With proper care, meat ducks at the age of 60 days reach a weight of 2-2.5 kg.

Yaytseno birds are lighter in weight than ducks meat and general use. But in terms of their egg production, they are not inferior to the chickens – recognized leaders in this direction.

Ducks general, or, as it is also called, meats, the directions are ideal for small household plots, as this direction is considered universal. By the age of 60 days the birds reach a weight of about 1.5 kg.

It is rather profitable to produce an ordinary white duck, but the main thing is not to overfeed it. Otherwise, the bird will overgrow with fat and sell poorly. True, for its production in the conditions of a personal subsidiary farm, a good reservoir is needed. The Bashkir white duck or “Medeo” breed collects 1.8-2 kilograms for 56 days.