Facts about barn owls

Barn owls – an unusual species of oviforms, found on all continents, except Antarctica; But in our country its area is limited only to the Kaliningrad region.


Barn owls prefer open spaces, namely: meadows with high grass, marshes and ravines, banks of water and light forests. Avoid mountain areas and dense forests.

Ordinary owl – a relatively large bird, measuring up to 40 centimeters, its wingspan is a little less than a meter. The weight of the bird is 200 – 700 grams, mostly about 500 grams.

Color barn owls white-red, with darker specks and stripes. The feather of this bird is very dense, due to which it can live in the northern, rather cold regions.

She leads a solitary lifestyle, is active at night. Like all owls, ordinary barn owl is a predator. The basis of its diet is small rodents – mice, voles, rats, gerbils, etc. In this or that region, certain certain types of edible animals prevail. If necessary, barn owls catch frogs, bats, lizards and invertebrates.

On the hunt, it flies out in a dark time, and in the daytime falls asleep in a cozy nest, which serves as a hollow, burrow, attic or other suitable place. Nests as such do not build barn owl. Sometimes it takes up the empty nests of other birds. Orient on the terrain and hunt barn owl helps a silent flight and extremely sharp hearing

Bird’s vision is also strong, so she can see well in the dark. Its prey is caught on the fly by sharp claws and takes somewhere to a convenient place where you can eat it safely.