Facts about basking sharks

  • Basking Shark (Cetorhinus maximus) – a large shark from the family of giant sharks (Cetorhinidae). This is the second largest species of fish after the whale shark. A giant shark feeds on plankton – it swims with an open mouth, filtering through the gills all that it gets.
  • The smallest basking shark that is known to scientists was 1 meter long by 70 cm. The largest individual, the size of which was officially confirmed, had a total body length of 12.7 meters and weighed about 9 tons.
  • The liver of a basking shark weighs more than 1000 kilograms.
  • The size of a basking shark rarely exceeds 10 meters, and the mass of a body is 4 tons.
  • A basking shark swims with an open mouth, filtering with the help of gills, anything that gets caught. At an hour, it filters out about 2,000 tons of water.
  • The basking shark feeds on plankton, mollusks and only occasionally tiny fish.
  • The basking shark feeds on plankton in summer, and its gills are provided with frequent stamens. In the winter, it switches to feeding by benthic invertebrates – and unnecessary stamens on the gills disappear from it.