Facts about bears

The bear is one of the most formidable predators in the wild. He is considered a fairly ancient beast, his ancestors in Europe appeared 22 million years ago. At the moment there are 8 species on the planet. Bear – one of the most interesting and attractive representatives of the animal kingdom.

The largest bear representative is the giant short-beaked bear. This animal was two times larger than modern bears. He had insanely long legs, and he hunted for an antelope. This animal died out about 12 thousand years ago.

Bear, unlike dogs and cats, do not rely on fingers, but on the whole foot. This feature allows them to walk on their hind legs.

It turns out that not all representatives of these animals fall into a prolonged hibernation, but only those who live in areas with a variable climate. Residents of tropical regions, as well as polar bear, do not fall into such a dream.

Interesting fact! During the winter hibernation, bears do not defecate.

The paws of the white bear are much wider than those of other bears. This feature allows him not to fall into the snow on land, but in the water to row them like flippers.

A brown representative of this family is not at all daft, because he can run at a speed of 50 km / h, although for a short time and at a distance not exceeding 400 meters.

It turns out that the hair of a white bear’s hair is not white at all, but empty, transparent. In general, they work as a solar energy collection system. The very skin of the animal is black.

All bears have 2 layers of wool. The first – the undercoat – keeps the heat, the second layer protects against water.

Nobody eats mostly bear cubs, but occasionally there are exceptions. In 2010, the son of an important official in Azerbaijan in a restaurant, being drunk, ordered to kill the bear speaking there and fry it on a spit. The staff of this restaurant set a very high price for this request – $ 1 million. This young man, having hundreds of millions of dollars, agreed without even thinking. In the morning he woke up with a terrible headache and very

Bear is one of the few animals that sees color pictures.

The polar bear has a very large stomach. It contains about 70 kg of meat!

Bears, it turns out, have a semblance of logical thinking and can specifically confuse the tracks, walking backwards, for example.

Basically, bears are born completely without fur, only giant pandas and polar bears are born with a small white fuzz.