Facts about bullfrogs

  • Most species of frogs leave spawning grounds immediately after spawning. There is an opinion that the male bullfrog remains next to the eggs, protecting the larva from the encroachments of enemies.
  • Once there was a bullfrog who caught and ate a bat that was flying low over the water. In the terrarium of the Zoo in Pretoria (South Africa), an African bullfrog swallowed 16 small cobras once.
  • Males of different species of frogs produce special sounds, to which females of the same species react. Thanks to this, their territories can cross without interference, and there are no crosses of individual species.
  • These frogs molt like snakes. With their mouth they tear off the skin and eat it.
  • Unlike other frogs, the male bullfrog is larger than the female.
  • Under the mobile eyelids are special glands, the secret of which protects the cornea from drying out.
  • Muscular hind legs and fingers, have well developed swimming membranes that help her jump over a long distance.
  • The primary area of ​​the bull frog was the eastern part of North America. Later it was brought to some islands in the Caribbean Sea, and then to Europe. Nowadays it is common in the north of Italy ..
  • The biggest frog is found – the toad in the world! Frog monster! The huge, terrible, biggest frog toad was found in clean waterfalls and rivers. It is officially recognized as the largest in the World. Scary at first glance, it is not dangerous for people. But even the biggest frog has its enemies. These are huge snakes. For a huge, creepy snake this is an ideal prey. But the main danger for the biggest frog is a person.