Facts about bunnies

Bunnies grow, beating one by one records in their length. Continental giant Darius from Great Britain reached 130 centimeters and continues to grow. Surprisingly, the bunny, thanks to the structure of his eyes, is able to look back without turning his head. However, bunnies often turn their heads in different directions, so they estimate the distance. And although they can see at 360 degrees, the so-called “dead zone” forms in front of the tip of the nose down in bunnies.

Eyes of bunnies have one of five kinds of color: brown, blue, gray-blue, pink, marble.

The rainbow of flower coloration of bunnies is very limited: they, according to studies, are able to distinguish between green and red colors.

The name of the country of Spain came from the Phoenician “i-shpanim”, which means “the shore of rabbits”.

In Australia, the excessive population of bunnies is a national disaster, for which a Myxomatosis virus was specially imported into the country, resulting in the destruction of eighth of Australian mammals and a huge number of unique plants. Rabbits also suffered, but those that survived, acquired immunity and continue to multiply.

Today there are 100 million bunnies on the planet and they tirelessly “multiply”.