Facts about butterflies

From time immemorial butterflies are associated with spring, beauty, eternity. They were a symbol of immortality, happiness, fidelity, love, and some newlyweds in modern times release butterflies at a wedding instead of pigeons. These mysterious and indisputably beautiful creatures are a source of poetic inspiration and have become the heroes of many myths and legends.

  • Butterflies belong to one of the largest groups of insects – lepidopterans. In addition to these creations, this group also includes moths. At the moment, Lepidoptera numbers about 157,000 species of insects.
  • These unique creatures are the second largest pollinators after bees.
  • The science that studies butterflies is called lepidopterology.
  • The largest night butterfly is Attacus aitas. Its wings have a span of about 30 cm and it is often confused with a bird.
  • The most enduring butterfly of the world is called “Monarch”. It can travel a distance of a thousand kilometers without stopping.
  • The maximum speed that this small creature can develop is 12 miles an hour, but there are species that reach a mark of 50 km / h (31 miles per hour).
  • The most surprising fact about these creatures is that butterflies need solar heat to fly.
  • 4 butterfly wings are covered with scales, which are sacs with transparent ribbed walls. After an inadvertent touch, they fall off, and the wings look faded. In fact, the wings of the butterfly are transparent. Scales that cover the wing, simply reflect the sunlight and thereby give themselves color. In rare cases, the butterfly scales are present in very small amounts or are completely absent.
  • The life cycle of these creatures consists of four phases: an egg, a caterpillar, a pupa and an imago (a butterfly).
  • Eggs can have various shapes: from spherical and round to cylindrical and angular. It depends on the type of butterfly.
  • An interesting fact: the butterfly lays its progeny in one place for many years.
  • Butterflies never sleep.
  • In some countries of Asia and South America butterflies are considered a delicacy!
  • The most complex structure of these amazing creatures is the eyes. They consist of 6 thousand tiny parts, which are called lenses.
  • The only continent where the Lepidoptera do not live is Antarctica.
  • Butterflies are ancient creatures. Their images are present on Egyptian frescoes, which are more than 3,5 thousand years old.