Facts about cassowaries

Cassowary is a large flightless bird that does not have enemies in the wild. No predator will communicate with the cassowary, knowing its aggressive, unpredictable temper, quick reaction and powerful blow, capable of “cutting down” both the beast and the adult. Charming bird!

Cassowaries are common only in Australia and New Guinea.

Obviously, the same story happened to the cassowary, which sometimes happens to people who are aware of their superiority over others and impunity. They, realizing that no one can cope with them, begin to show their bad character.

Compound the situation and the excellent physical data of the cassowary. Their growth is commensurate with the growth of an adult (1.5 – 1.9 meters), and the weight reaches 60 kg.

Cassowaries have a solid growth on the head (helmet), due to which the Australian aborigines gave them the name “horned head”. It seems that the cassowary, wishing to show off, put a fashionable hat on his head! The helmet is very solid, but light enough, because it has a porous structure. He rises high above the bird’s head like a cock’s comb. Why does he need a cassowary? The opinions of specialists differ, but, probably, each of them is right, and the helmet performs several functions at once.

Cassowaries live in dense forests, so the helmet, perhaps, helps them to wade through the thicket. Not casually, cassowaries run, bending their heads.

Also the helmet of a bird tends the fallen leaves, looking for food.

Another helmet is a weapon during battles with other cassowaries and a sign that helps in choosing a pair. Birds, choosing their partner, look at the state of the helmet.

I must say, the helmet is very clearly visible on the absolutely bald upper part of the body of the cassowary. The small head and long neck of these birds are absolutely devoid of feathers! They are decorated with the above-mentioned helmet and long drooping earrings. In females, helmets are larger and more beautiful than males, and they are larger in size than “representatives of the stronger sex”. Earrings are multicolored skin folds that change color depending on the mood of the cassowary.

But the powerful rounded body of the cassowary is covered with sharp feathers, in which Aborigines decorate their noses, lips and clothes in some tribes. The tail of the cassowary is not at all, and the feathers can reach 20 cm, but they are not adapted for flight. The cassowary and the 6-centimeter layer of fat interfere with flying.