Facts about chimpanzees

Chimpanzees – surprisingly similar to us, people, monkeys. They are smart, easy to learn, and very attached to people, if, of course, they are good to them. However, these monkeys are as individual as we are with you – each of them has his own character and temperament. But, however that may be, the society of these creatures can bring a lot of joy to everyone who will communicate with them.

  • Like most other types of monkeys, chimps prefer to live not alone, but in groups.
  • To sleep these primates prefer in nests, which they build from branches and leaves, interweaving them among themselves.
  • Childhood in chimpanzees lasts about four years.
  • A monkey of this species can live up to fifty years, or even more.
  • Contrary to popular belief, chimps are not vegetarians at all. In addition to fruits and leaves, they also include various small animals in their diet and meat.
  • Currently, chimpanzees are threatened with extinction. Despite all the measures taken to protect them, the number of these animals is steadily declining.
  • Chimpanzees can design primitive tools – so, with stones they can prick nuts. Also, cases of using sharpened sticks as copies were observed. And they sharpen the sticks by themselves, using teeth for this purpose.
  • A person, seeing the yawning of another person, usually also experiences an irresistible desire to yawn. Of all living things, except for him, the same property is possessed only by chimpanzees.
  • These primates are one of the few animals that, seeing themselves in the mirror, understand that this is their own reflection.
  • Most of all chimpanzees live in Tanzania.