Facts about chipmunks

The chipmunks are extremely cute little animals. These small rodents are related to the familiar proteins, and lead a similar lifestyle, inextricably linked to trees and forests. Almost all types of chipmunks live only in the US and Canada, but there is one, living mainly in the territory of Siberia.

  • The most famous chipmunks in the world are the cartoon characters Chip and Dale from the cartoon of the same name.
  • The chipmunks are carrying food, hiding it in the mouth, behind their cheeks. An adult chipmunk can thus carry a dozen nuts at a time. Looks chipmunk with bloated cheeks rather comical.
  • In captivity, chipmunks live several times longer than in nature.
  • Chipmunks always feel the approach of rain in advance. Rain, by the way, they do not like, so they hide in advance.
  • The basis of the diet of chipmunks is plant food, but on occasion they do not mind eating some insects.
  • Like many other rodents, for example, squirrels, chipmunks are very resourceful. In their dwellings they sometimes store huge supplies of food.
  • In addition to food, the chipmunks willingly drag to themselves and a variety of small things. It is most likely never useful to them, but natural reserves take their toll.
  • The average weight of an adult chipmunk is about 100 grams, while for the winter one chipmunk usually stores two to three kilograms of products.
  • The chipmunks mask the entrances to their holes so well that it is almost impossible to notice them, even if they know where to look.
  • The chipmunks are afraid of a knock on the tree on which they are currently located. If a woodpecker starts to knock on a woodpecker, the chipmunk will most likely try to get down as soon as possible and take refuge in a safe place, in his opinion.