Facts about crayfish

Crayfish has a hard chitinous cover. There is a pair of large claws and 4 pairs of running legs, and the sixth pair forms a caudal fin. The color of the crayfish varies depending on the habitat and water properties: from greenish brown to blue-brown.

In length, crayfish can grow to 20 cm. Crayfish lives in rivers and lakes. The main condition for its existence is pure water. In contaminated sites, crayfish can not live and die. During the day, crayfish hide in their shelters: in burrows, under rocks, in tree roots, and at night go out to feed.

Meat of crayfish is white and has a pleasant, delicate taste. It is mainly found in the neck (tail) of crayfish and takes about 1/5 of its total weight. A little meat is in the claws and quite a bit in the walking legs. Connoisseurs with pleasure eat and the body of crayfish (what is under the shell), and its caviar.

The cage of crayfish is all kinds of freshwater reservoirs. The world knows two kinds of crayfish: the American Pacifastacus and the European Astacus. The most delicious are the large blue crayfish that are found in Lake Sevan in Armenia.

The largest crayfish in the world are the Murray River in the state of Victoria; Here they are called yabby.

Crayfish, as a rule, cook. And alive: they are put in boiling broth with greens and carrots. Orange-red color signals the readiness of crayfish.

Cooked crawfish can be served both cold (cooled) and hot. Crayfish is also prepared in salted milk, and in white wine with spices, and in beer or kvass, and even in cucumber brine.

In China, especially prepared delicious crawfish, boiling them in salted water and wrapping meat in a thin slice of bacon; Dipped in flour, the cervix is ​​lowered into boiling oil, rolled in almond crumbs and served to the table.

Tasty and unpretentious in cooking cajun “popcorn” – appetizer of crayfish necks, which are cleaned from the shell, dipped in batter and deep-fried.

Crayfish is accepted eating them, cutting them off with their hands, although some restaurants may offer special cutlery for eating.