Facts about cuttlefish

  • Cuttlefish are masters of disguise. In case of danger, they squirt ink into the water, which does not allow the attacking predator to see where the animal hid.
  • Also, they can radically change their color in one second from blue to sand, adjust to the color and relief pattern of underwater soil, pebbles, algae.
  • Cuttlefish have excellent vision, inherent in a few marine inhabitants. In addition to the eye, photosensitive receptors are present even on the back, probably to better respond to the color of the environment when camouflaged.
  • On the tentacles of these animals there are several rows of suckers, with which they capture prey. And on the suckers there are taste receptors. Therefore cuttlefish literally tastes prey on the palate with hands.
  • Even reproduction occurs with the help of one of the hands, specially designed for this purpose. The male hand carries the sex cells to the female spermatheca, which later will spawn and die shortly after it safely anchors the eggs in shallow water.
  • Ten tentacles of arms are usually hidden in special bags under the eyes. However, during the hunt, she sharply throws the tentacles forward and grabs the fish.
  • The length of the tentacles usually corresponds to the length of the cuttlefish body.
  • This animal in its time even contributed to a better development of writing. After all, the very first ink was made from ink cuttlefish.