Facts about deer

Deer are proud creatures that live mainly in harsh northern conditions. Graceful and beautiful, deer are often mentioned in folk tales and fairy tales of various northern peoples, including those living on the territory of Russia. These amazing creatures are extremely clever, and learn something new about them for sure will be curious.

  • There are more than fifty different species of deer in the world. More precisely, fifty-one species.
  • The smallest deer – the so-called water deer, they weigh only 10-15 kg. And the largest – the noble deer, their weight can exceed the mark of three centners.
  • Deer dumps the horns every year. After which they grow new ones. The exception to this rule are the above-mentioned water deer, which has no horns at all.
  • Young deer horns are covered with skin and hair, but as the horns grow, the skin on them withers and peels off. That’s why deer with growing horns so often itches about trees.
  • The swing of the horns of a giant deer, extinct about 7.5 thousand years ago, reached 3.6 meters.
  • Northern reindeer are the only ones whose horns are possessed not only by males, but also by females.
  • Deer live in a variety of places, even in Africa. Although, of course, most often they are found in the tundra and taiga.
  • Deer are pretty successful tame.
  • During breeding, males of deer become very dangerous for all who are nearby, and easily show aggression.
  • The deer can stand on their feet immediately after birth.