Facts about foxes

Almost every country in the world has at least one fairy tale or legend, in which the main character is a fox. Such admiration is not surprising, because almost everyone knows about the cunning and dexterity of this beast.

But that actually this animal is known by few, therefore, we suggest to get acquainted with the selected facts and find out who actually hides behind the “mask” of the cunning but such a vulnerable animal.

  • Foxes lead a single way of life in the winter and only by summer they start families.
  • In the fox family, both parents take care of the offspring. The father even before the appearance of puppies takes care of his female and helps her to equip the lair.
  • Foxes are omnivores. Mostly foxes eat small animals: small rodents, rabbits, hares and roe deer.
  • The tail for the fox is a very important organ. During the race, he helps her to keep her balance, and in the winter she serves as an additional protection against the cold.
  • Foxes are very careful. In case of danger or chase, they confuse the traces and hide in other places to mislead the pursuer. It is because of this feature that the fox is awarded the title of the cunning animal.
  • The maximum speed with which a fox can run is 50 km / h.
  • Foxes often settle near large cities or suburbs. Where they adapt very well and live in urban surroundings.
  • In the wild, foxes live about 6-8 years, and in captivity can live from 20 to 25 years.
  • The most developed feelings in foxes are hearing and smell. With their help, the beast learns about the environment.
  • The fox was trying to domesticate. As a result of the experiment, a silver-black fox was domesticated, which had significant differences from its wild relatives in behavior, body structure and physiology.